The Hurt Puppy PDF My Mother Had a Cold PDF Antoine's Clean and Messy Room PDF My Sister Helps Me PDF My Car PDF
I Never Get to Carry My Sister PDF Soon I Will Be Seven PDF Jumping Bikes PDF The Right Thing to Do PDF Wait For Dad PDF
Kristina's Haircut PDF Running After Ricky PDF Under the Bed PDF Coloring Easter Eggs PDF Using Dad's Tools PDF

To print the booklets from the website, click under the mini booklet cover of the booklet you wish to print. A PDF file will appear. Go to, "File" and select, "Print". Then select, "Page Setup" from the file menu and click on legal or letter-sized paper and the landscape configuration. Print the PDF file of each booklet on legal or letter paper. Each booklet will require four sheets of paper unless your printer can duplex (each booklet requires only two sheets of paper, printed back and front). Note: For years I printed all booklets on legal paper, but a kindergarten teacher I knew didn't have legal paper and printed them on letter-sized paper. The booklets are fine printed on smaller paper, and I now use letter paper.

1. You will need to duplex either the masters or the copies. To do this, set the copier on the correct setting to get it to print on two sides. On most copiers both sheets are facing up. Be sure you have the two that are to be the back and front one on top of the other.

2. Feed the two pages into the machine. You will get a duplexed copy. You can use this as a master or just duplex all the copies. Make as many pages as you need.

3. Repeat with the two other pages.

4. After running the copies, divide the pages into two stacks. Be sure you have page one facing up and the cover facing up. Combine them and staple with a booklet stapler set at 7". Check to see if the pages are in correct order.

5. Staple the booklets from the outside to avoid staple injuries. I fold the booklets five or six at a time. Be sure and make six booklets for each group (one for the teacher).